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In addition to electrically powered exit signs and emergency lighting, The Exit Store supplies a variety of hard-to-find non-electrical models including custom Braille signs and exit signs satisfying ARRA compliance.


  • braille signage
    Braille Signs
  • ARRA Compliant
  • Canada Approved
  • New York City Approved
  • Chicago Approved

Specialty Signs & Lighting

The Exit Store offers ADA compliant signs, ARRA compliant signs, and New York City, Chicago, and Canada approved exit signs and emergency lighting at affordable prices. We carry Braille signs in a variety of colors with accurate Grade 2 Braille.

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Braille Signs

Made from high-quality acrylic material, our ADA compliant signs feature raised letters, pictograms, and rastored braille. Custom sizing is available with standard and nonstandard colors upon request. Our custom braille exit signs feature double-sided tape on the back for flush wall mount.

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ARRA Compliant

If you’re looking to meet the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), we manufacture and sell a variety of American and ARRA compliant exit signs and emergency lighting. Ensure ARRA compliance and choose from emergency egress supplies designed for installation in hazardous and wet locations.

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Canada Approved

The Exit Store carries Canada approved exit signs and emergency lighting. These emergency exit signs and emergency lighting meet all Canadian standards for safety and building codes. Find emergency egress products ideal for installation in commercial and institutional installations.

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New York City Approved

We offer a wide selection of emergency lighting and exit signs approved for use in New York City. Find NYC exit signs and emergency lighting designed for all 5 boroughs of New York City.

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Chicago Approved

The Exit Store designs exit signs and emergency lighting for installation in the city of Chicago. Our emergency lighting is constructed with steel housing and two MR16 style lamp heads, while our exit signs feature Chicago-compliant red lettering with an illuminated white background.

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