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Chicago Approved Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs

At The Exit Store, we offer our customers an extensive array of Chicago approved exit signs and emergency lighting. Our Chicago-approved exit signs and emergency lighting come with a broad range of benefits and flexible features, including LED emergency exit signage, recessed emergency light fixtures, edge-lit exit signage, and much more — all approved for use in commercial buildings that are located in the City of Chicago. Whether you are looking for a host of various emergency safety compliance products or you only need one Chicago approved exit sign, you can obtain all of the emergency fixtures you need to keep your buildings safe and in compliance with Chicago laws at The Exit Store. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of our Chicago approved exit signs and emergency lighting systems.

Chicago Approved Exit Signs

The Exit Store is the place to shop if you are looking for Chicago approved exit signs to install in your commercial property in Chicago. Whether you are looking for exit signage made with simple designs or you need high-end, multi-functional exit signs that are built to function properly in industrial wet locations, there’s no better place to shop for Chicago approved exit signs than The Exit Store.


If you are a commercial building owner or property manager in Chicago, installing these products isn’t just essential for the sake of safety and regulatory compliance — exit signs are also important because of the difference they make for first responders who must enter a building that others are evacuating from. Without properly functioning exit signs, it would be very difficult for first responders to navigate a building that they have never seen before, which could be in a state of chaos during an emergency. That’s why we work so hard to ensure that The Exit Store’s products are always top-notch.

Chicago Approved Emergency Lighting

Aside from our Chicago approved exit signs, The Exit Store also carries lighting fixtures that are approved by the City of Chicago, in addition to backup and replacement emergency light batteries. From standard emergency light fixtures to high-end lighting systems with remote-controlled lamp heads and wet-location resistant features, all types of organizations can fulfill their emergency lighting needs by shopping at The Exit Store. Similarly to exit signage, emergency lighting can play a crucial role in helping first responders safely navigate a building that is being evacuated due to an emergency situation. An emergency light fixture that continues functioning properly despite extreme and unsafe conditions can potentially make the difference between life and death for individuals who end up trapped inside an evacuated building.

Shop For Chicago Approved Exit Signs at The Exit Store

The Exit Store’s high-quality exit signs and emergency lighting fixtures can be found in many commercial buildings throughout the City of Chicago. Thanks to our Chicago approved exit signs and emergency lights, the owners and managers of these properties can feel confident knowing that their buildings are prepared for evacuation in the event of an emergency and that they are in compliance with the City’s safety regulations. Feel free to reach out to The Exit Store’s customer service team with any questions you have before placing an order!