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Exit Signs

Compliance with local and state emergency directional lighting and marking guidelines can be difficult to achieve if you don't know where to begin. Many states maintain their own standards with regard to wattage, light output and dimensions of exit signs and emergency lights. The best way to get started with a good product is to check the relevant codes for your own state, either at the state's website or through its Chamber of Commerce.

Meeting code is only one of the challenges you will want to fulfill. Others include finding materials and designs that complement your building's interior and maintaining proper power ratings. These days, exit signs and exit lights come in countless sizes and looks, including low profile edge-lit plastic models and brushed versions for an industrial look. As always, safety is of paramount concern, so you don't want to get something that cannot easily be seen from a distance.

Much of the talk in workplace safety is about providing consistent, reliable products that use less power. It wasn't long ago that floors of such exit signs could cost several hundreds dollars a year in power consumption and replacement bulbs. The new trend toward low-wattage, LED, and LEC electrical signs, and Photoluminescent non-electrical signs is changing much about the way companies budget and plan for vocational safety.

At The Exit Store, we offer all the latest exit sign designs, from self-luminous products to the kind of wet zone signs that keep everyone safe no matter what kind of flooding may occur. Many of these include halogens and other guide lights that power up when your building's main supply is interrupted. If you are looking for quality products that will protect the full environment from confusion and darkness, you have found the last exit sign and emergency exit light resource you will ever need on the Web.