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Glow in the dark exit signs are more commonly known as photoluminescent exit signs. Photoluminescence is a process in which a substance absorbs light and then re-emits that light in dark environments, creating a glowing effect. The substance, which absorbs light, is known as photoluminescent pigment. In regards to exit signs, the word 'EXIT' is printed in photoluminescent pigment on an aluminum or plastic surface. Photoluminescent exit signs are popular for numerous application types, because of their ease of installation, lack of operating costs, and longevity.

Since photoluminescent exit signs absorb light to produce glowing illumination, they do not require an electrical power source. The inherent non-electrical capability of photoluminescent exit signs significantly eliminates costs traditionally associated with electrical exit signs. Electrical exit signs constantly consume electricity and require routine bulb and battery replacements. The average incandescent exit sign consumes $30 worth of electricity per year and requires bulb replacements every four months. Bulb replacement costs average $2.50 per change out excluding labor costs. Battery replacement is usually required ever three to four years and can cost upwards of $20 per battery replaced. Overall, each traditional incandescent exit sign on your property can cost approximately $40 to operate and maintain annually. Not to mention that electrical exit signs are required to be tested every month per OSHA regulations. Photoluminescent exit signs provide a long lasting, reliable, and maintenance free alternative to traditional exit signs.

he Exit Store manufactures a number of photoluminescent exit sign models. The models differentiate based on viewing distance, construction materials, and design. Our most popular photoluminescent exit sign models are the TES-157 and TES-257. Constructed from 100% aluminum, the 157 and 257 series are the most sustainable and eco-friendly exit signs in the industry. These models can help attain points for projects that are going for LEED certification. The 157 features a 50-foot viewing distance and face color choices of red, green, or black. The 257 features a 75-foot viewing distance and letter color choices of red or green. Both models come with a variety of frame and mounting options. The 157 and 257 can be configured for top, side, or back surface mounting onto most surface types. Both models are offered with a double-sided version that can be hung from the ceiling or side mounted, flag style. If you have a high ceiling we offer pendant kits for both models, which allow you to hand the sign from a high ceiling. The 157 and 257 photoluminescent exit signs are UL 924 Listed for the United States and Canada, which means they are code compliant across North America. A full list of our photoluminescent exit signs can be found on our website.

The 157 and 257 are just two of the many photoluminescent exit signs that The Exit Store manufactures, you can view all of our models on the Photoluminescent Exit Signs category page. Give us a call today or check out for more information. Almost all products can ship the same day if ordered before 1pm PST.

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