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In case of flood, fire or earthquake exit lights do more than just turn on. They also persist, providing substantial wattage for minutes and hours after the building's power has shut off--a lifeline in any place that can become prohibitively dark, night or day. For this kind of emergency lighting, you may want to look into the most effective, most efficient designed lights.

First things first: although much of the movement in exit lights is toward low-energy, cool-burning LEDs, the emergency lights themselves still come in traditional form. That means you want a combination of both to suit both occasions--LEDs for everyday use and incandescent or halogens when calamity strikes. At The Exit Store, we take pride in offering signage that does both.

LED components boast many of the advantages traditionally associated with this comparatively new technology, including low energy consumption and very long life. Many of the bulbs are rated to go over a decade without any need of maintenance or replacement. But it is the flood lights that truly distinguish this product from the rest.

Experts agree you want emergency lighting that can withstand high temperatures, moisture and other environmental stresses. Our lights are injection-molded V-O flame retardant models that come with their own push-button power test for easy checking. If you want the highest-caliber products, you have come to the last site you will ever need.

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