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Aluminum Emergency Lights

When the power shuts off during an emergency situation, occupants of your building must be able to see down hallways, stairwells, and other places in the facility that would be dangerous to navigate without light. Aluminum emergency lights are a powerful and reliable way to keep key areas on your property illuminated in the event of an emergency, enabling you to be confident that your building is safe and compliant with OSHA regulations. Let’s take a closer look at The Exit Store’s excellent selection of aluminum emergency exit lights and explore the features and benefits of the different units we offer to our customers.

Features & Benefits of Aluminum Emergency Lights

The Exit Store carries sleek die-cast aluminum emergency lights with robust features that offer a broad range of benefits. Whether you are looking for aluminum emergency lights that are rated for use in wet locations or you want a less intensive design that is suited to the conditions of your facility, you can find exactly what you need when you browse our inventory. Here’s a list of the benefits you can get from our aluminum emergency lights (depending on the unit you select):


  • Bi-color LED AC ON indicator lights
  • Close tolerance circuit & Brownout protection
  • Available with Halogen or LED Lamps
  • Internal Heater (optional)
  •  Automatic self-diagnostics
  • Stainless Steel tamper-proof screws
  • 90 Minutes of Illumination
  • 15 Minute Time Delay

What more could you expect from aluminum emergency lights? Whether you work in an industrial building where extreme conditions are known to occur, or you manage a property with a relatively stable environment, you can’t go wrong with aluminum emergency lights from The Exit Store.

Reasons to Install Aluminum Emergency Lights

Installing aluminum emergency lights in your commercial building may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to understand exactly how much of a difference they make in an emergency scenario. If your building loses power during an emergency — fires, natural disasters, gas leak, etc. — everyone inside the facility must be able to safely navigate to the nearest exit. Aluminum emergency lights don’t just keep your stairwells, hallways, and exit signs illuminated; they also keep people relatively calm, as they aren’t left to panic in the dark with no escape in sight. Additionally, quality emergency lighting helps first responders do their job while also keeping your building in compliance with the latest OSHA safety regulations.

Place an Order for Aluminum Emergency Lights Today

Do you own or manage a commercial property that could benefit from aluminum emergency lights? Perhaps you are in charge of a building that requires new emergency lighting in order to comply with safety regulations. No matter what your needs are, the solutions you’ve been looking for can be found right here at The Exit Store. If you’ve pored over the specs of our aluminum emergency lights and feel that you need a different type of emergency lighting, check out our cutting-edge steel emergency lights. Otherwise, feel free to place an order for aluminum emergency lights today!