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Safety Comes First: Emergency Exit Signs & Lighting Every Business Needs


When leaving a commercial or residential building, you’ll more than likely be navigated by a large, bright LED exit sign. These emergency routes are essential for providing a clear pathway to safely evacuate a building in a crisis. According to OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration), workplace EAP or Emergency Action Plans must be developed by places of work that employ more than ten people. The Exit Store helps businesses comply with these regulations by providing high-quality lighting and exit signs.

LED exit signs and emergency lighting systems keep your employees, clients, residents, and building safe in the event of an emergency. Check out the infographic below for a general overview of three safety benefits of exit signs and lighting and then continue reading below as we delve into each point:

They Provide an Easy Way Out

At The Exit Store, we carry a wide assortment of exit signs equipped with LED lighting. These multi-functioning exit signs provide individuals in your building an easy way out. When searching for the nearest exit, they’ll be able to identify exactly which way the exit is located in the event of an emergency situation.

Rules & Regulations

Businesses are required to follow specific state and federal regulations to ensure the safety of personnel inside a commercial building. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, requires exit routes to be unobstructed, and mandates there must be at least two exit routes. Be sure to get the necessary exit signs and lighting to avoid a hazardous situation and a hefty fine.

First Responder Assistance

During an emergency situation, first responders arrive at the scene to provide prompt assistance. If there’s a fire, the smoke will cloud the area and make it difficult to identify a safe exit. Illuminated exit signs and lighting make it easy for first responders to go in and out of a building in a quick and safe manner.

The last thing you want is to compromise the health and safety of people in your building. Browse The Exit Store for our vast selection of LED exit signs and lighting to ensure the safety of those going in and out of your building.