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What is Emergency Lighting?

What is emergency lighting

Emergency lighting refers to light fixtures whose purpose is to illuminate the exit pathway of a building in an emergency situation where AC electrical power is lost.  During such emergencies, normal lighting systems cease to operate and emergency lighting systems turn on.  Emergency lighting systems function by using electricity provided by internal battery backup systems that turn on as soon as electrical power to the building is lost.  Emergency lighting systems are always hard wired into a buildings AC power system and use AC power to keep their battery backup systems constantly charged and ready for operation in emergency mode.  Emergency light fixtures are placed throughout the corridors and rooms of a building so that they provide at least one-foot candle (a small amount) of light along the entire exit pathway of a building.  Emergency lighting systems have been required for more than 50 years by federal, state, and local building codes.  By increasing the timeliness, effectiveness, and ability of patrons to exit a building, emergency lighting systems have saved countless lives.  Emergency lighting fixtures must be evaluated and approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and receive a listing under their UL 924 testing standard for emergency devices.

Thermoplastic emergency lights are the most affordable models available today.  Thermoplastic is durable and flame-resistant up to 176ºF.  The TES-EL-1 thermoplastic emergency lighting fixture is priced at less than $20 and is perfect for most indoor commercial applications.  The TES-EL-1easily mounts to most walls or ceilings and can use either 120v or 277v AC electrical power.  This unit features two 5.4-watt incandescent lamp heads that can easily be adjusted to cover the desired space with illumination.  This model is available in white or black and can also be configured with remote head capacity so that it can power one additional lamp head, located remotely.

Be sure to take a look at our affordable standarddurable industrial, and weatherproof wet locationemergency light categories.

For more industrial applications, consider one of our many steel emergency lights.  Our steel emergency lighting fixtures can be configured in a variety of battery and lamp head combinations.  Our batteries can feature a capacity of 400 watts, which can power more than 30 individual 9-watt lamp heads.  Using a large battery with remotely located lamp heads means that only one battery has to be maintained, decreasing maintenance time and cost.  We feature similar models in a waterproof and vandal resistant polycarbonate housing for extreme environments.  Call us today at 866.471.2849 to talk more about the many emergency lighting options that we offer and to find a choice that is right for your application.