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Exit Signs


Wet Location / Outdoor Exit Signs Designed to Withstand the Elements

What are the features of wet location exit signs?

Wet location exit signs, also known as outdoor exit signs, are built to withstand the rigorous demands of outdoor and harsh environments. These durable and long-lasting emergency exit signs are suitable for installation in wet areas where traditional exit signs will often break down and fail to illuminate after exposure to the elements.

Outdoor exit signs provide brilliant and constant illumination in even the toughest environmental conditions. If you’re looking to fill an order or plan for a future project, and you’re not sure if wet location exit signs are well-suited to your customer’s specific needs or application, we’re sharing a detailed breakdown of their benefits, features and typical uses.

What are the features of wet location exit signs?

Typically constructed with a polycarbonate shield (bulletproof glass), outdoor exit signs are designed to resist corrosion and moisture. We build these exit signs with a heavy-duty, gasket-protected polycarbonate or polyvinylchloride housing that completely seals all electrical components and prevents water damage.

Instead of the push to test button typically used in emergency exit signs, outdoor and wet location exit signs often feature a vandal-resistant, magnetic test switch to keep water out and protect all vital components.

Where can you install wet location exit signs?

Wet location exit signs are required for all outdoor installations, bathrooms and pool areas. They are ideal for installation in any environment that is exposed to rain, snow or other types of inclement weather or otherwise required by code.

Most outdoor exit signs are approved for installation in extreme cold weather environments. They may require a battery heater if the weather drops below freezing. With a battery heater, they are cold weather capable for temperatures well below freezing.

NEMA and IP rated fixtures are a heavier duty version of wet location exit signs. IP rated outdoor exit signs provide protection against ingress of water or solid foreign objects (e.g., dust and dirt). NEMA rated exit signs offer not only ingress protection, but may also offer varying degrees of resistance to corrosion.

IP and NEMA rated wet location exit signs are designed for areas frequently subject to moisture or mechanically directed sprays. They are suitable for use in car washes, sports arenas, chemical plants and prisons. NEMA rated wet location exit signs are also a popular option for industrial, heavy manufacturing and water treatment facilities as well as marine applications, US Naval bases and dams.

Wet location exit signs often carry an NSF certification, one of the most accepted and trusted certifications for food safety. This certification signifies that these exit signs are approved for use in food processing areas.

Selecting the perfect emergency exit sign or emergency light for your customers or project can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process, even for the most experienced and knowledgeable electrical contractors and distributors. There are so many styles and types of emergency exit signs to choose from. Make sure to do some research before deciding on the best option for your next order or project.

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