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Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self-Luminous Exit Signs eliminate operating costs and last up to 20 years

Exit signs are useful for many great things, but cutting costs hasn’t necessarily been one of them up until recently. It has taken decades for exit signs to show the beginnings of energy efficiency, and even today many of the models available still use traditional light bulbs and continue to draw tens of dollars in electricity costs per year. Needless to say, a number of building owners and property managers with their eye on the bottom line have long hankered for something much less expensive to maintain. Of course, the last thing you would want to do is sacrifice safety for the bottom line. Thankfully, many of exit signs we carry here at The Exit Store offer the ideal solution to this problem: signs that are bright, easy to read, and reliable, but that do not draw nearly as much power from the grid. These days there are a number of ways to address such costs without resorting to anything less than a truly exceptional safety device.

The most efficient and innovative advance to come along in recent years is the self-luminous, or tritium powered exit sign. Better than electrically powered models that require a constant source of electricity, battery replacement, and maintenance checks; self-luminous exit signs consume no power whatsoever while providing bright and constant EXIT illumination. Instead, they use a glowing type of hydrogen gas, called tritium, to remain illuminated day and night, for up to 20 years depending on the model purchased.

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Tritium powered signs are a great way to save money while remaining compliant

Self-luminous exit signs have many advantages. From a new construction standpoint they save the time and cost of running conduit and hiring an electrician to install electrically powered exit signs. For retrofit projects, they are a simple and quick exit sign solution that does not require an invasive installation. In both scenarios, the maintenance and energy costs associated with electrically powered exit signs are eliminated.

Self-luminous exit signs offered by The Exit Store are completely weatherproof, and therefore, can be used inside and outdoors. They are capable of top, side, and back mounting by use of the included mounting bracket. All of our self-luminous models are UL 924 Listed and can be used throughout the United States and Canada.

The Exit Store offers a variety of self-luminous exit signs, and models vary based on face and frame color. We offer a white or black thermoplastic frame with red, green, black, or white face color (the letters on self-luminous exit signs always glow green). We offer a number of high-endframe options that include custom finished aluminum and steel designs. All of our self-luminous exit sign models are available in single and double sided versions; 10, 15, and 20 year models available.

Features of self-luminous exit signs:

  • Completely non-electrical - eliminates operating costs
  • Universal - can be used in wet or dry environments
  • Reliable - tritium gas provides constant illumination
  • Efficient - no batteries, bulbs, or maintenance duties
  • Compliant - UL 924 Listed, NFPA 101, ICC, IBC, IFC
  • Long term solution - up to 20 year lifespan

If you are tired of mounting costs and want to keep your building safer with reliable technologies, you have come to the right place. Self-luminous exit signs are fire-tested and rated to exceed safety standards in every state, meaning you don't ever have to think twice about the visibility of the product. If you are looking for something that can withstand all kinds of abuse and never lose power, we urge you to check out these popular exit signs today.