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What Are LED Emergency Lights?

What Are LED Emergency Lights

LED emergency lights are becoming increasingly popular because of their long lifespan, reliability, and efficiency.   LED emergency lights are also much more compact than traditional incandescent emergency lights because LEDs are much smaller than incandescent bulbs.  Additionally, the internal components and battery backup systems of LED emergency lights are more compact than regular emergency lights, allowing the housing to be much smaller.  Smaller emergency lights are more aesthetically pleasing and unnoticeable than traditional units.  LED emergency lights can remain illuminated 10 times as long as traditional emergency lights off the same battery charge because they consume 90% less electricity.  LED emergency lights will also last for up to 30 years, while conventional models last for less than ten.

The MEL-1 LED Emergency Light Product Overview.

Emergency lights are required, by local, state, and federal building codes, to be installed in all types of facilities throughout the country.  Emergency lights are placed along corridors, stairwells, and in rooms.  They are strategically so that if an emergency occurs where power is lost, such as a fire or earthquake, the path to the nearest outdoors exit becomes illuminated.  Emergency lights feature two lamp heads that adjust to cover a wide area.  Emergency lights must be hard wired into a buildings electrical system.  Although emergency lights do not operate until power is lost, they must be hard wired so that their internal battery backup systems can maintain their charge and be ready to operate in emergency mode.  All emergency lights come standard with a push-to-test button that allows immediate testing of the battery backup systems capability.  OSHA regulations require monthly and yearly testing of emergency light battery backup systems to insure proper functionality.

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If you need to install both emergency lights and an exit sign, consider installing a combination exit sign with emergency lights unit.  Combination units require just one source of electricity to power two fixtures and charge the battery backup system.  The Exit Store manufactures more than 10 combination models, one of which can work for your application.  We even offer a combination exit sign with LED emergency lights, an industry first.
A full list of our combination LED exit signs with lights can be found on our website.

We have knowledgeable experts standing by to answer any product or code compliance questions that you might have.  So, give us a call today to learn more about LED emergency lights and our other high-quality safety egress products.