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Exit Signs


Glow In The Dark Exit Signs

Glow in the dark exit signs, also known as photoluminescent exit signs, have become increasingly popular in recent times, for a number of reasons. Compared to conventional electrical exit signs there are a number of advantages for installing glow in the dark exit signs. Glow in the dark exit signs are simple to install; there is no need to hire an electrician to run electrical wiring to the sign, which saves you significant time and money. Simply attach the signs to your installation surface using the included hardware.

Photoluminescent Exit Signs are non-electrical and code compliant

Since there is no power needed for the sign, you will not be paying electricity costs that are associated with electrical exit signs. Electrical signs feature battery backup systems that keep the sign on when power is lost. There are no batteries to test, maintain, and replace because glow in the dark signs simply absorb light and then glow in the dark when dark conditions are present. Additionally, glow in the dark exit signs have a 25 year lifespan, compare that to the typical 8-10 year lifespan of the typical LED exit sign . Maintenance and operating costs for your exit signs are eliminated up to 25 years through installing photoluminescent exit signs. 

Features of glow in the dark exit signs:

  • Completely non-electrical - eliminates operating costs
  • Reliable - no batteries or electricity to rely on
  • Efficient - no batteries, bulbs, or maintenance duties
  • Compliant - UL 924 Listed, NFPA 101, ICC, IBC, IFC
  • Long term solution - up to 25 year lifespan

The UL 924 Listing assures compliance across the country

You might be concerned about the compliance of glow in the dark exit signs, and if they are approved for use in your building. The glow in the dark exit signs that are manufactured by The Exit Store are UL 924 Listed for the United States and Canada. UL 924 is the most important approval for exit signs - both electrical and nonelectrical. The UL 924 Listing guarantees that our glow in the dark exit signs will be compliant for your facility. UL 924 approved signs go through a rigorous and thorough testing process by Underwriters Laboratories. The UL 924 Standard is based on the regulations set forth by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), IFC (International Fire Code), IBC (International Building Code), and ICC (International Construction Code). Our UL 924 Listed signs will illuminate for at least 90 minutes in complete darkness, the same testing standard for the battery backup systems of electrical exit signs. In fact, our glow in the dark exit signs exceeded the 90 minute testing standard and will glow for 3-4 hours after charging for 1 hour.

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Even though our glow in the dark exit signs are UL Approved for North America, there are a few installation requirements that you should be aware of. Photoluminescent exit signs operate by absorbing light from normal light sources, such as fluorescent or halogen, and then glowing when dark conditions are present. That being said, photoluminescent exit signs are for indoor installations in which the lights are on while the building is occupied. A few examples of the types of buildings that are ideal for this type of sign would be schools, hotels, retail stores, and other commercial facilities. In these types of buildings the lighting system is on when people are present. It is important to note that light is NOT required on the face of a glow in the dark exit sign when the facility is unoccupied.

Examples of buildings that glow in the dark exit signs would not work for would be movie theaters, restaurants, and bars. In these types of facilities there is typically not enough or any light to charge the sign's glow in the dark material. If you are faced with an application where you do not believe there is enough light to use a glow in the dark exit sign, but still would like a non-electrical solution, consider a self-luminous exit sign. Self-luminous exit signs use Tritium, a type of hydrogen gas, to provide constant EXIT illumination with no need for an outside power source. Self-luminous exit signs can also be used in outdoor locations as they are weatherproof. 

Learn All About Self-Luminous Exit Signs

The Exit Store offers a large selection of photoluminescent exit signs that vary by design, construction, color, finish, and frame design. For the most affordable solution, we offer unframed, single sided glow in the dark exit signs at less than $55 per unit. Singled sided models with a back mount frame start at $69.99 while double sided models begin at $149.99 and come with a top or side mounting bracket. Our high-end architectural series glow in the dark exit signs come with flush mount frame options and custom finish capabilities. Glow in the dark exit signs are offered in two basic styles; glowing letters with a red, green, or black background or a glowing background with red or green letters. It is important to note the farthest distance at which the exit sign you are installing will be placed as photoluminescent exit signs have viewing distances of 50, 75, and 100 feet. We have knowledgeable customer service representatives. standing by to help you pick the right glow in the dark exit sign for your application, so please call us at 866.471.2849.