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Exit Signs


Fire Exit Sign 101

What Is A Fire Exit Sign

A fire exit sign is also known as an emergency exit sign or simply an exit sign.  Fire exit signs are safety lighting fixtures that show building occupants the path to the nearest exit during an emergency such as an earthquake or fire.  Fire exit signs display an illuminated version of the word 'EXIT' in colors of red or green.

Fire exit signs are available in both electrical and non-electrical versions; so dont worry if electricity is not available at the location you wish to install a sign at.  The Exit Store is a proud manufacturer and supplier of more than 100 models of fire exit signs.  Since we manufacture ourselves and sell direct from our factory warehouses through our website, we are able to offer prices that are 60% below retail.  Additionally, our strategically located warehouses around the country allow us to ship as quickly as overnight at affordable rates.  Everything that we offer is UL 924 Listed and code compliant for the United States.

For applications where electricity is accessible, LED fire exit signs are an efficient, affordable, and long lasting product choice.  Thermoplastic LED fire exit signs are the most affordable type of exit sign The Exit Store offers.  Beginning at less than $20, the EXIT series thermoplastic LED fire exit sign is completely universal.  The EXIT series can be configured for single and double-sided applications and is offered in housing colors of black or white.  The mounting bracket that the EXIT series comes with allows for top, side, or back mount installations.  If you need an emergency lighting fixture in addition to a fire exit sign, consider installing a combination fire exit sign with emergency lights.  This 2 for 1 solution requires only one source of electricity and one battery backup system, keeping maintenance costs low.  Thermoplastic LED fire exit signs and combination models have an eight to ten year lifespan.

For applications where electricity is currently unavailable, non-electrical exit signs are a great choice.  Non-electrical exit signs save time, energy, and money in a number of ways.  For new construction projects, installing non-electrical exit signs can eliminate the cost of conduit and the labor needed to run it to exit sign locations.  For retrofit projects, non-electrical exit signs save the cost of hiring an electrician to perform an invasive installation.  Non-electrical exit signs install within minutes and have no maintenance or energy costs.

There are two types of non electrical exit signs: photoluminescent and self-luminous.  If you have an indoor installation where the lights are normally on, such is the case in most commercial buildings, install a photoluminescent exit sign.  Photoluminescent exit signs glow-in-the-dark, they absorb light and the glow when dark conditions are present.  If you do not have light available to charge a photoluminescent exit sign, choose a self-luminous model.  Self-luminous exit signs use tritium, an isotope of hydrogen that glows naturally for 10 to 20 years, depending on the model purchased.  Self-luminous exit signs can be installed indoors and out, without need for electricity or light; they are the most universal sign available today.

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We have qualified technical representatives on staff to answer any questions you might have about exit signs, emergency lights, and code requirements.  Call us right now at 866.471.2849, we are ready to help you find the right emergency safety fixture for your application.