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Exit Signs


Exit Sign Requirements

Exit sign requirements differ from state to state, so you will want to brush up on local codes before you buy any new signs. With few exceptions, all states require that exits be clearly marked above a certain threshold of light output. The signs must remain on at all times and be able to withstand smoke and fire to a certain time limit--usually measured in minutes instead of hours.

At The Exit Store, we offer signage that exceeds the safety requirements of all 50 states, including the newer regulations put in place by New York. Our signs come in traditional incandescent or LED form, with or without battery backup and in a variety of styles. Simply put, if you are looking to get new signs for your building, you won't find a more comprehensive catalog anywhere on the Web.

Safety experts agree that the best way to protect yourself in case of emergency is with a ready light source that can keep things straight throughout the geography of your building. Our exit signs are stress- and flame-tested, and many come with highly recommended battery power sources to keep things clear throughout the space. Whether you want lead battery connections or the kind of self-luminous signs that never need repair or replacement, you can be certain our signs will not fail.

Certain areas require green or red lettering, which is why we carry both. Green LEDs have improved to the point where they draw little more power than reds, so beyond that it's a matter of personal taste. We also carry wet zone signs and attached emergency lighting to ensure you are never without viable options if disaster strikes.

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