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An Overview of Emergency Lights

An Overview of Emergency Lights

Emergency lights are safety lighting fixtures that are required in all types of facilities that do not feature a generator or other backup system that keeps the lighting system operational during an electrical power failure.  Emergency lights are required by local, state, federal, and international building and fire code regulations if your facility does.  They are life safety devices that illuminate the path of egress towards the nearest outdoors exit during an emergency where AC electrical power is lost, such as a fire or earthquake.  Emergency lights hardwire into your electrical system and use that electricity to constantly charge an internal battery backup system.  The battery backup system is utilized when AC power is lost.  During a power loss, the battery system provides power for the emergency lamps, which will illuminate for a minimum 90 minutes.  Emergency lights are strategically placed in rooms and along corridors so that there is some light along the entire exit pathway.  Emergency lights increase the likelihood of patrons escaping the building safely and in a timely manner.  Your local building and fire inspectors can help you understand where to place your emergency light fixtures if you are unsure.

The Exit Store is a proud manufacturer and provider of more than 100 models of emergency lights.  We have a model for almost any circumstance, from affordable and convenient to aesthetically pleasing to extreme and hazardous locations.  Most likely you need a basic emergency light that will make you code compliant but will not break the bank.  The 
TES-EL-1 is designed exactly for this purpose.  The TES-EL-1 is a two-headed emergency light that is made from durable thermoplastic and offered in either black or white.  The 5.4-watt incandescent lamps provide ample illumination and are fully adjustable by their swivel attachment.  The TES-EL-1 emergency light can be wall or ceiling surface mounted and features a simple push-to-test button on the bottom of the unit for easy testing of the battery backup system.  This unit, along with all that we sell, comes with a five-year warranty and is UL 924 Listed, so it is compliant for use across the United States.

If you are looking for an affordable and durable unit but need to place the emergency lighting fixture in an outdoor or wet environment consider the WLEL-WH
.  This emergency light features two, compact MR16 lamp heads that are gyroscopically mounted for easy adjustability.  The unit comes standard with a battery backup system and push-to-test button.  The clear polycarbonate housing and fully gasketed enclosure insure protection from rain, moisture, dust, and other elements that could harm the unit.  This model is suitable for wet and outdoor installations where temperatures do not drop below 32ß F.  If you are looking for an emergency light that can function in below freezing temperatures check out the PGEL-NM-EM-WH model with available internal heater.

Please call us at 866.471.2849 to discuss your situation and our friendly staff will help you find the right emergency light for your application.